An Unlikely Afterword on New York City

You know, I think I actually thought I was going to write daily posts about all the lovely things I was doing each day during my trip to New York this past week. A typical today-I-did-blah-blah-blah type of thing. It’s like I don’t know myself at all. That type of posting would be somewhat akin to those tacky, cheesey, embarassing-for-them photos people get taken of themselves in front of typical tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower whilst they give a wide ass smile and the peace sign.

I would rather die.

During my trip to Paris last summer, when I found the time, I posted a photo or two of some of the incredible graffiti and street art I came across. Someone left a comment: Did you take photos of anything pretty? What the hell do they mean…like the aforementioned Eiffel Tower? Sure. I took a few photos of the regular touristy places. But why would I post those? If you want to see the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building, excuse my English, but fucking google it already. It’s like that friend doesn’t « know myself at all » either.

Well that’s Facebook for you.

Instead of said mundane play-by-play, what I am prepared to offer you is this: but three precious moments from my fourth and latest trip to New York City.

Here we go.


At the zombie shoot, the director, another zombie and I stopped at Duane Reade to pick up a few things. The other zombie waited in the car and said she wanted an « iced tea. » So the director brought her one and said, « I wasn’t sure what kind you wanted. »

And then. You know what she said?

« Oh, it doesn’t matter. Any kind would have been fine. Nestea. Lipton. Arizona. Snapple. Sweet Leaf. TaZo. SoBe. Gold Peak. Brisk. » And on. And on. And on. AND ON. She must have listed twenty different kinds of iced tea. WOW. I was both fascinated and freaked out by her vast, vast knowledge of iced tea manufacturers. In fact I had to research « iced tea brands » just to quote her. And there I had been living life in terrible ignorance, thinking only Nestea and Lipton made iced tea.

Remind me NOT to go into the iced tea making business because the market is fucking saturated.


Every morning Ruben would drive me to the train station. He and I have been friends for three years now. We met on my first trip to New York. Combine my four trips here, his two to Toronto and one meet-up in Montreal (all of which we spent most of the time in group settings and intoxicated), along with casual Facebook contact, and you have the extent of us really getting to know each other. So not much. And so, terrible as this may sound, all this time, I didn’t realize how incredibly driven, articulate, intelligent, and aware he is; what clear, well-thought out views and opinions he has; what innovative and creative ideas he comes up with. Before this trip, I hadn’t really had the opportunity to learn so much about my friend Ruben. But on this trip, each morning, he on his way to work, me on my way to explore the city, I did. And my respect and admiration for him skyrocketed.

Man with brain. Me like.

This precious half hour ride became one of my absolute favourite moments of each day.


Dear, Diary.

Today I took the F train twenty-four stops to the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn only to find it closed due to damages incurred from Hurricane Sandy. Apparently the F train is the Fuck You train. I’m over it. Got back on the train and got off here at the Hamilton Parkway stop, still in Brooklyn, and found a nauseatingly trendy coffee shop called Steeplechase where I now find myself seated beside this mother and her ugly baby. This mother is going on and ON about her marriage which I have to agree is NOT going well. Poor thing. Good coffee, though.

This fake diary entry is based on true events. It was Friday, my last full day in the big city. I had decided I would hop on any train going to Brooklyn, since I always spend all my time in Manhattan, and hop off at a non-pre-determined stop and just explore. The first train to arrive was the F train. Got on it. There was a stop named « New York Aquarium. » Not something I would normally do. Perfect. I’ll do it. But alas, it was closed. I just wanted to explain why I would have travelled all the way there without having found out already that it was closed.

And there you have it. Three precious moments. Ciao for now. 🙂

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