Jim’s Restaurant

Sunday morning, up at six, enjoying a lovely noisette (espresso with a touch of milk) from my brand new very, very own, already precious and beloved espresso machine. As I “updated” on Facebook, you know, to my adoring public, waiting with baited breath to find out the latest monumentally nauseating nano-detail of my life:

Is it wrong to be this happy over a tiny cup of coffee? If it is, I don’t want to be right.


I think I’m funny.

Another recent Facebook update:

Final step of assembling my new bed: « Connect frames by hook into centre holes. » What they should have written was: « Go fuck yourself, it’s never going to happen. » Oh, man.

Sometimes I envision a flipbook-style, quote-of-the-day style coffee table book of all my oh-so-clever Facebook updates. And then other times I think: Christina, get over yourself.


After my noisette, I went to the gym to do my self-imposed required weight-training. And for a very naughty fake tan. Then, it was off in my car in search of some cute, new-to-me, independently-owned coffee shop or restaurant. I was going to go to my regular, Voulez-vous on Queen East, which I first discovered on a morning long ago just like this. But, once again, I was in an exploratory kind of mood.

As I drove along Queen East, I passed Bonjour Brioche and its huge line-up outside. I couldn’t help but laugh and think of that awesome skit from Episode Ten of Season Two of Portlandia:  Breakfast Village. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry, I’m hungry NOW. There is no way I would wait in a line to eat. Joy Bistro had no line-up, but like Bonjour Brioche, I have eaten there more times than I can count. I want something new, something non-trendy, something that has not been taken over by the hipsters!

I passed a place I have never been, Lady Marmalade, which looked like it could be good. But there was that same out-the-door-and-down-the-block line-up. I kept driving.



There, in a very non-descript corner of a Korean (or Chinese?) Collision Centre and Vintage Restoration lot, stood a humble, matter-of-fact, non-contrived and thus authentically cool little restaurant that looked like it was opened in the seventies and had never been renovated:

Jim’s Restaurant.

What a name. It just screams “Hey! Marketing experts! Go fuck yourself, eh!?” PERFECT.

I parked my car, somewhat illegally, and entered. The inside was as perfect as the outside; with long counter seating along the window and along the grill and service area, an old-fashioned menu board with the prices taped over so many times the cost was illegible, a huge, hand-painted “Welcome to Jim’s Restaurant” sign, and a pêle-mêle of a clientele consisting of young men, old ladies, bikers, couples, a parent with two kids, and a black man with white hair who studied me and my laptop steadily as he sipped his coffee beside the cash register.

The menu was sweet and simple; the word “huevos” was nowhere to be found. WOW. Take that, trendy breakfast nooks! I ordered the two eggs with ham and coffee deal for $5.30 with an extra egg and tomato slices instead of homefries. There was no extra charge for the tomato slices like in some restaurants, which, in my opinion, is ridiculous and insulting. And the tomato slices…they were thick and red and juicy and gorgeous! Best breakfast tomato slices I have ever had. My over easy eggs were cooked perfectly. My meal was exactly what I wanted, exactly what I ordered. No surprises, no strange portion sizes, no disappointment when the fancy Mexican breakfast you thought you ordered turns out to be nothing but regular shmegular eggs with a dab of salsa.

And the total with tax came to a mere $7.40. BEAUTIFUL.

Since my blog has only about ten followers (whom are AWESOME), I think I am safe to “advertise” without fear of turning it into the next trendy, hipster haven how charming and relaxing the atmosphere, how sensible and delicioius and inexpensive the food, and how efficient and sincere the staff is (Lem was awesome!) at Jim’s Restaurant.

For you precious ten, the address is 897 Queen Street East, near Queen and Logan.

Well, I’m back at home, the food has settled, and the relaxing part of my day is done. Now it is off to The Baldwin Steps for stair training. I have the CN Tower Climb coming up in October (it will be my seventeenth!) as well as a marathon in November (my fifty-second, yikes!). One last noisette before I go, and, one last Facebook update…

Maybe getting my own espresso machine wasn’t such a great idea. P.S. If anyone’s looking for me, I’m up here, crawling on the ceiling!

Until the next time, my pretties…

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