Good Old Tom

Frankie’s was closed so I went next door to Tom’s. I asked : « Are you Tom? » He said « Yeah. » How about that! I go to Jim’s. It’s an old greasy spoon like this and there is no longer any Jim. I go to Pete’s. Same thing. Old greasy spoon, never renovated, like walking back in time. No Pete. I walk in here and there’s a Tom. « Greek? » I ask, hearing his accent. « Yeah! Greek! » He smiles. I’m treating him like a treasure, a find, a mini celebrity. Tom is amused.

It’s just after seven in the morning. I don’t see breakfast on the menu so I ask: « Can I have breakfast? » Tom says, « Yeah. Bacon, ham or sausage? » « Sausage, » I say. « Okay. » And he turns back around to make it. That was it, all the information he needed. It’s that simple! I liked that. I liked it a lot so I skipped being particular or difficult and sat down. Cigarettes and tequila but no evil potatoes! Exactly. So I just sat and waited.

Tom brought me coffee with cream. This is standard so that’s what he brought me. And I’m really enjoying just shutting the hell up and doing things Tom’s way so I have my coffee with cream for perhaps the first time ever. It’s fine. Tom brings my breakfast. He’s made my eggs over easy, just how I would have ordered. I eat everything on my plate, even the potatoes, but I don’t eat the toast. No room! I think I’m still a bit tight. Tequila lingers!

« If you’re a woman you’re going to get something. If you’re not a woman then just go screw yourself! » This old Sri Lankan guy and his Western sandwich and his conversation on the phone. I’m sitting at the counter, looking out the window. A woman runs by. Oops! That had been the plan. I see a building. It says: The Gateway Building. Are you susceptible to enter other buildings if you go there? I’m writing much but saying nothing. I’m telling you. It’s the tequila!

I paid my bill and left. It was quite a lovely evening last night.

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If I could tell you about me in a neat and tidy definitive statement, I don't think I'd be writing this blog.
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