Christina’s Prayer

One time, it is a good story.
One hundred times, it is a good writer.


You don’t climb a mountain with your first step,
With your first step, you learn to walk.


The love of creation does NOT equal the rate of appreciation.
In fact, you must create at least one hundred things before you get one appreciation. Maybe.


Be patient, be prolific, believe in yourself.
Create one hundred things.

This can be your prayer!

Nobody is banging down your door, and you are NOT the best.
This does not mean they will not answer nor that you might be very, very, very good.


Say your name out loud, look at yourself in the mirror.
Note every detail you hate about yourself, then match each with a detail even you cannot argue is a virtue.


You are not alone and your cross is not the heaviest,
Your capacity for despair is a gift, you are strong in body and spirit.


It’s true, I remember, you have always been strangely aware of your existence,
The why and the what for and the what if and the whole big scary thing.

It’s okay.

You’re here and you have a big voice,
Don’t worry so much about your mother because your father is a good man.


Stop running, hiding, apologizing, second-guessing, crushing your beauty!
Your mother is a good woman, too, and it’s because you love her so much that you are so afraid.

No shame, no hate.

One time, you can be a girl, wonder why, who you can blame.
The hundredth time, you finally understand, you bear your unique and beautiful weight, you become a woman.


À propos de Stina

If I could tell you about me in a neat and tidy definitive statement, I don't think I'd be writing this blog.
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