Humility ain’t nothin’ but a wonderful opportunity.

Well this is certainly humbling. The girl who ran fifty-one marathons is now a woman with very sore legs after a mere nine kilometre run. It has been three or four months since the last time I ran. A run these days usually consists of eight to ten kilometres, a far cry from my competitive ultramarathon days. But you do a thing and you do it to death and you move onto other interests (namely Paris). Then a few years pass and you miss that high, that accomplishment, that affirmation that yes, indeed, you ARE queen of the universe. Next month marks three full years since my last full marathon and two years since my last half marathon. A mere nine kilometres has beat the hell out of me yet, once again, after all these years and all those glasses of French wine, I have my sight set on another marathon. Muscle memory, don’t fail me now.

I ran Boston in 2005, 2006, then again five years later in 2011 and 2012. I thought to myself that it would be nice to keep that pattern up: twice in a row every five years. Just because. Just to prove to myself that I still can. I never want to associate my marathons and running accomplishments with being young. I happened to do all that running in my late twenties and thirties. But I stopped out of boredom, not because I couldn’t anymore. You can only run the same marathon so many times. After fifty-one marathons, of which over half were ultras, I just felt I had conquered that « life challenge » and was ready for something new. However! It does keep you fit. And being in top shape and looking great NEVER gets boring, does it, darling?

So to keep with the pattern, I must run a qualifying marathon in 2016. It’s already the end of 2015. I need to get cracking! Hence the eight and a half kilometres on Friday and the nine kilometres today. IT’S ON. Now I need to decide which marathon I will run in 2016 to qualify for Boston 2017. And here’s where the genius comes in. The idea popped into my head, I googled the registration date, my pulse raced, my heart pounded in my chest. On September eighth at eight in the morning I will attempt to register for the Paris marathon (Sunday, April 3rd, 2016). To my precious nine official readers/subscribers, I beg of you: pray that I am one of the lucky few who is able to register for the Paris marathon next week. Twenty-two thousand people have already registered and there are only a few spots left!

I am forty, I am ready, and I shall reclaim that crown. Humility ain’t nothin’ but a wonderful opportunity.

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If I could tell you about me in a neat and tidy definitive statement, I don't think I'd be writing this blog.
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