62 to 67 of 100


It’s all contrived
That lumberjack shirt
That beard
Those obscure tattoos
Those thick-rimmed glasses
Your uniqueness is ubiquitous,

Oh, yes
Call yourself a nerd
And believe it
It always is
Search for identity
Generational puppetry


I understand about
I’m surprised but I’m happy
I understand about
I’m sad and I’m devastated

Like I already knew you
Even though it was never my dream

Happy for you
Jealous of you
I’m enviously supportive

You fade to black
I fade to black


You know what’s never in the photo
The phone
It’s a downright lie
One that can’t be helped
As it is also my camera


The paint
Once white
Now grey and and even black around the edges
Peels away
Chips and breaks
Lets seep through the lovely musty smell of wood real wood beneath
Weathered and so beautiful
Should not be painted over

Beautiful old window frame
Not old enough
So very old
Charming antique,
you see.


You can’t opt out
That’s the thing
That’s what drives people mad
Some people

It’s this way
It’s ludicrous
All land
Nowhere to escape to

To try and make a go of it
Just you and your few things
Fishing rod, knife, flints
Live off the land

Because all land belongs
To some government

You can squat
For a good long time
Maybe a lifetime
But what kind of life
Technically without integrity
They will say you had no right
But it’s they who have no right to lay claim to land
All land!

I cannot say no
It’s not for me
This life
I must participate
We all must participate
Consumption, possessions, money, power
Even if that means…

You know.


Too busy
To crush hard

Too proud
To crush hard

Too afraid
To crush hard

Too dizzy head spinning wondering what else where else who else
To crush hard

Too promiscuous
To crush hard

Too stupid
To crush hard

Too blind
To crush hard

Too caught up in the facade the carefully-crafted profile the persona and not the person
To crush hard

Too afraid to too quickly engage to make the mistake of having heart break
To crush hard

Too engulfed by ego
To crush hard.

Too alone
To crush hard

Too full of dread and lost in the world wide web
To crush hard

Too bullied by buying too mowed down by media too minute on the menu too safe in saving face
To crush hard

Too afraid to commit a legitimate fear perhaps in a disposable single-use short attention-spanned society that can only be changed by our own actions guts courage to love
To crush hard


À propos de Stina

If I could tell you about me in a neat and tidy definitive statement, I don't think I'd be writing this blog.
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