Pam, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am

It isn’t often I read this advertisement vehicle referred to by some as a newspaper but the headline caught my eye.

Firstly, Pamela Anderson is FORTY-NINE YEARS OLD. As a freshly former spring chicken, I can’t help but think this campaign is wonderful and can’t help but applaud the retailer (Missguided) for their choice in model. Forget sexism; three cheers for anti-ageism!

Secondly, she is modelling CLOTHING. If this were a campaign for animal rights or a daycare facility, then I could understand objection. She is advertising little dresses and swimwear. I’m baffled, Miss Dames.

And thirdly (but not finally, for there is always more to say), why are women still attaching shame and assigning suppression to sexuality? When I see a beautiful, busty, drippingly-sexy woman, I think the same thing as a heterosexual man: Wow! I admire. I admire because I feel happy with who I am and I feel (more than) comfortable with the fact that sexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are as human beings and to acknowledge so as they do in these advertisements is not demeaning. Let’s say our Pam were giving a speech for animal rights and someone yelled out « Take it off! » That. That is demeaning. In this case she is willingly, happily using her sexuality to sell clothing. Not demeaning. Not mysoginistic. Not anti-women.

Your thoughts?

Ironically, the ad underneath states that « Sex is health. » True. Unless you acknowledge it, use it, enjoy it, admit it publicly… 😉

My favourite part of the article: « …ultimate girl power hero. » I agree!

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