Girls These Days

‘Le cadavre exquis’  is a writing method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed. The name of this writng method is derived from a phrase that resulted when Surrealists first played the game, « Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau. » (« The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine. ») André Breton writes that the game developed at the residence of friends in an old house at 54 rue du Chateau (no longer existing) in Paris.

This is us playing…


Long like letters to lovers yet shallow like graves dug in haste
A life unlived, discarded to the wind; forgotten, as yesterday’s waste
Revered and holy, heavenly hellfire awaits her, pure and chaste

In the ninth house’s hour, her body shall burn
Quick like leaves in late November, she learns
Heart open and bleeding one still yearns

From beyond we hear woeful whispers
Longing for all lost sisters
Silent, searching trembling fingers

Lifts up grace
No trace

(Girls These Days, le 9 mars au 21 avril, 2016)


The mouse had to fart
The cat slept quite near
Smell to stop a heart
And so the mouse fled

The cat ran in fear
But just at the start
It heard the mouse jeer
As his vile gas bled

The smell filled his head
As the thought hit hard
« This could kill me dead »
It did. Three mouse cheers!

(Girls These Days, le 23 avril au 10 mai, 2016)



(Girls These Days, le 10 mai au 13 mai, 2016)


One bag of gold given to me
Found near the end of a rainbow
Stolen from the neighbour’s front yard

Used to buy a shiny new horse
I rode it fast and reached the sea
Sold it to buy a boat to row

I pulled like mad and got so far
Used the stars to direct my course
With few coins left, the isle of dreams

To buy back all the things I know
Left wayward when I wandered far
Ever striving to find the source.

(Girls These Days, juin à octobre 2016)



(Girls These Days, le 6 octobre au 8 octobre, 2016) _____________________________________________________________

Bad date

Impossible to anticipate

Nerve – making me wait!

Thought it might be fate

Waiting patiently for my forever mate

Though my reality seems to continually negate

Arriving unapologetically with a swagger in his gait

This same rigamarole; there’s always something that absolutely infuriates!

But then he smiled, which caused my anger to abate.

Wavering, wondering whether he was worthwhile, just this once, to exonerate

He was charming and his conversation was more than enough to rejuvenate

So I stay, I hope, I kiss, I wish, but still I hesitate…

(Girls These Days, nov/déc 2016) 


All but four people survive

Alive, as foot missing toes

Knows one perished, she thinks

Drinks for memory, mercy, please

Ease flows of painful recollections

Insurrections, last prances, sweet swords

Hoards lash out, perpetuating wars

Doors lock, she’s suddenly sure.

(Girls These Days, jan 2017)